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    (Applies to any SmartCityName.CITY)

    To find a hotel, and then to make a reservation, click HOTELS in the top navigation.  You will then be provided with a list of hotels in that city.  You do not have to SIGN IN to your DigitalTown account before searching, or if you do not yet have a DigitalAccount, you do not need to REGISTER before searching, however the advantage of signing in first, is that if you find a hotel you would like to make a reservation in, you are already signed in and do not have to do that before making your reservation.  Another significant advantage of signing in first, is the left hand vertical bar goes away after you are signed in, and there is more room to display your search results. 

    When you first arrive on the HOTELS page, there are a few hotels listed, but the better strategy is to enter your Check-in, Check-out dates, the number of Rooms & Guests, and click Search.  By doing so, you will see all the hotels in the city, along with a full map showing where they are, rather than just a few.

    When you first arrive on the HOTELS page, there are a few hotels listed, but if you are not yet interested in viewing the map of all the hotels in the city, you can click the "x" next to the upper left hand corner to hide the map and have more hotels displayed.  If you decide you want to see the map containing all the hotels again, there is an icon in the upper right of the screen you can click to view the total map again.  However, if you just want to see the map for the hotel you are interested in, click the hotel image and you will be taken to the page showing just that hotel's information, including the map.

    Once on the full page of hotels, you can either begin scrolling down looking for the hotel you are interested in, or you can set some filters to further refine your search.  For example, you can check boxes for the number of stars a hotel has, and your search will be narrowed down to just those. Or you can slide the scroll bar to the right and back again to limit your list to only those that meet that TripAdvisory rating.

    You can also check the box to include only those that have Special deals, or if you are looking for a specific amenity, you can specify only those that include those amenities.  And you can also limit your search to specific Property types.  And finally, you can speed up your review of the list by specifying the sort order of your list by clicking in the "Sort by" dropdown box in the upper right hand corner.

    Once you find a hotel you are considering, you can click the "Show On Map" button, or you can go straight to making your reservation by clicking on the "Book now" button.  Once you do that, you will see all lot more information, including the distance to local attractions, the TripAdvisor rating, and more.  

    As you scroll down, you may see additional links like "Room Information," "Free cancellation," etc.  The "Room Information" link provides all the details, not only about the room, but the amenities as well.  Once you are satisfied this is the hotel and room you are looking for, click the "Book now" button to proceed to make the reservation. 

    This will be your final screen, and it includes showing the name of one of the guests that will be staying in the room, the contact information, including the Email address and Phone number.  You will also need to enter your billing information including the Name on card, Credit card number, Card expiration date, Security code (3-digit number on the back of the card), as well as your Billing address.  Review the Cancellation policy and terms & conditions, check that you agree to this information, and click the "Complete booking" button to finalize your reservation.

    In the event you need to either cancel your reservation, or make change in the dates for your reservation, please ...



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