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    List My Shop


    (Applies to any SmartCityName.CITY)

    To list your shop, you should first Search the shops in the city where your shop is located to ensure it is not already listed, and if it is, instead of clicking on the "List My Shop" button, you should click on the "Claim My Shop" button.

    However, before clicking the button to list your shop, you first need to SIGN IN.  If you do not yet have a DigitalTown account, before you can sign in, you will need to REGISTER.

    Once you have signed in, you are then ready to click the "List My Shop" button from the SHOPS page.  You will then be taken to the "Register Your Shop" screen.   You will need to add your Phone Number, the EMail address you want to use for communications, your shop the Street Address, and your Operating Hours.

    When you enter your Shop Domain Name, you need to enter all lowercase letters, and no spaces.  By completing this entry, you will be provided with a "subdomain" website similar to "mystore.SmartCityName.shop" where you will be able to add your products to begin selling them.

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