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    What appears to be a fairly daunting task to design your own website is actually fairly easy.  And you can't make mistakes that are not easily correctable.  Also, whatever you design today can easily be changed tomorrow.  You can always add, modify or delete the items you put on your website.  The only thing that is a bit tricky at this point is you should continue with the website builder without clicking on the back button of your browser navigation or you might exit the Website Designer and it can be a little tricky to find your way back again.  So let's get started.

    The first thing you will notice is the URL in your browser has changed.  You are actually looking at your new website -- it has already been created!  Now, you just need to make it look more professional and add some products and information about your business.  You will also notice there is an instruction to "Follow all the blue drop signs to get your website ready in no time."  That's it -- all you have to do is follow along.

    If you look in the upper right hand corner of the screen, you will see the blue drop is just below the Edit link and is bouncing to catch your attention.  So begin by clicking on the Edit link.  As soon as you click on the link, you will be on your Home Page, but as you will notice, other than a few navigation items near the bottom, your Home Page is generally blank.  NOTE:  Do not click on the links at the bottom as they are active and by clicking on them, you will be leaving your Website Creator.  Stick with designing for now.  We will cover the various options you have in creating your website below, starting from the upper left where you see "Add blocks."  Also, you can view a sample website, SampleWebsite.London.Shop to see a sample entry of each of the options below.  To view the sample, go to the Sample Website (http://samplewebsite.london.shop/) and click SampleFunctions.




    Looking for the blue drop, you will see it is suggesting you add a Cover to your Home Page to begin, so let's do that by clicking on Cover and dragging it onto your Home Page -- pretty easy, right!  Now, the blue drop is suggesting you need to change the text from "Headline" to your business name or whatever you want to call your website.  So change the text by clicking on the blue drop and then typing the name of your business where it initially says Headline.  If you make a mistake that isn't easy to fix, click the trash icon in the red box above the Cover you just added and the Cover will be removed and you can bring in a fresh one.



    Big Message

    Text Block


    Big Picture

    Three Columns



    Image Gallery


    Call to Action



    Feature Grid



    Parallax Slider

    Inner Content



    Image Floating



    As soon as you have replaced the Headline text, click on the text below that (With a great subtitle) and replace that text with your business slogan or some other appropriate text.  Lastly, replace the text below that with a summary of what your business does or how you are different from your competitors.  As you replace the text in the Cover, you will see the blue drop is bouncing above the Cover pointing to the word CUSTOMIZE.  You may have to click on the blue drop to bring back the CUSTOMIZE link if it has disappeared.  Click the CUSTOMIZE link after you have made the changes to the text in your Cover.

    Clicking on the Customize link provides the following options.  Clicking on each choice, you will see a a variety of colors, transparency levels, image options, etc.  You can hover over each choice to see the affect making that choice would have on your Home Page.  Once you decide if you want to make any of the choices, simply click that choice.


    • Overlay color


    • Background Image
    • Background Image Sizing
    • Background Color

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